Military Abbreviations (WW1 to present) – Canadian & Commonwealth


Below is a list of Canadian & Commonwealth Military Abbreviations and/or Acronyms. This list is principally focused on the Canadian Military from WW1 to present day, however this list also contains many Commonwealth (United Kingdom, Australia, ect.) abbreviations/acronyms.  Apologizes in advance for any duplications or spelling errors! If there are errors or additions, please contact me.
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2IC – 2nd in Command

404s - DND 404 (Military Driver's License)


a/ - Acting Rank

AA – Anti-Aircraft; or Approving authority; or Air Attache

AAA – Anti-Aircraft Artillery

AAC - Army Air Corps; Anti Aircraft Co-operation

AACC - Army Air Corps Center
AACF - Anti-aircraft Co-operation Flight

AACTDC - Army Air Corpse Tactical Development Center

AACU - Anti Aircraft Co-operation Unit

AAEE - Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
A&AEE – Aeroplane and Armament Experimental/Evaluation Establishment

AAF - Army Airfield; or Auxiliary Air Force; or Anti-Aircraft Flight; or Allied Air Force

AAFCE - Allied Air Forces Central Europe
AAFNE - Allied Air Forces
Northern Europe
AAFSE - Allied Air Forces
Southern Europe

AAGS - Air Armament & Gas School

AAITS - Airmen Aircrew Initial Training School

AAP – Anti-Armour Platoon; or Air to Air Missile; or Aircraft Acceptance Park; or Army Aircraft Park

AAPC - Anti-Aircraft Practice Camp

AAR - Air-to Air Refueling
AAS - Air Armament School
AASF - Advanced Air Striking Force (1939/40)
AATE - Air Armament trials Establishment

AATTF - Anti-Aircraft and Target Towing Flight

AATT&DC - Army Air Transport Training & Development Center

AAU - Air Ambulance Unit; or Aircraft Acceptance Unit; or Aircraft Assembly Unit

AAW - Anti-Air Warfare

AB - Able Seaman

ABC - Airborne Cigar (transmitter aboard aircraft which jammed German fighter control frequencies)
ABC Defence - Atomic Biological Chemical Defence

ABGS(ME) Air Bombing & Gunnery School (Middle East)

ABTF - Air Bombing Training Flight

A/C - Aircraft

A/Cdre - Air Commodore

AC - Aircraftman

AC1 - Aircraftman First Class
AC2 - Aircraftman Second Class

ACAC - Aircrew Allocation Center

ACATC - Air Cadets Adventure Training Center

ACAV - Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle

ACDC - Aircrew Dispatch Center

ACDW - Air Crew Disposal Wing

ACC - Army Co-operation Command; or Allied Control Commission; or Air Control Center; or Armored Car Company

ACCF - Army Co-operation Command Communication Flight

ACCGS - Air Cadet Central Gliding School

ACCU – Airborne Car Contact Unit

ACGFSOC - Air Cadet Gliding Flight Safety Officer's Course

ACDU - Army Co-operation Development Unit
ACDU (ME) - Air Combat Development Unit (Middle East)
ACF - Air Command Far East
ACFAWF - Air Command Fare East All Weather Flight
ACFSS - Air Cadets Flying Scholarship Scheme
ACGS(OR) - Assistant Chief of the General Staff (Operational Requirements)
ACH Air Craft Hand
ACH - Advanced Chain Home
ACHU - Aircrew Holding Unit
ACIs - Air Council Instructions
ACO - Advanced Chain Overseas (radar)
ACO - Air Cadet Organization
ACM - Air Chief Marshal
ACP - Air Cadet Publication (derived from APs); or Aerodrome Control Pilot
ACPNTS - Air Cadets Pilot Navigation Training Scheme
ACR - Airfield Control Radar
ACRC - Air Crew Reception Centre
ACRC (ME) - Air Crew Reception Centre Middle East
A.C.R.C - Aircrew Receiving Centre
ACRS - Air Crew Refresher School
ACS - Airfield Construction Squadron
ACSB - Air Crew Selection Board 
ACSEA - Air Command South East Asia
ACSEA/ASS - Air Command South East Asia Air Service Squadron

ACTC - Air Cadet Training Centre
ACU - Air Conditioning Unit

ACV - Armoured Cavalry Vehicle

ACOL - Area Coordinator of Official Languages

AD - Aircraft Depot; or Air Defence; or After duty
ADATS - Air Defense Anti-Tank System

ADC  - Air Defence Centre/Aide de Camp

ADCC - Air Defence Cadet Corps (established 1938, see ATC)
ADCS - Air Defence Cooperation Squadron
ADEM - Air Defences Eastern Mediterranean
ADF(U) - Aircraft Delivery Flight (Unit)
ADGB - Air Defence of Great Britain
ADGE - Air Defence Ground Environment
Adj -

ADLS - Air Despatch Letter Service
Adm – Administration

ADM - Assistant Deputy Minister; or Air Defence Missile

ADM(Fin CS) - Assistant Deputy Minister (Finance and Corporate Services)

ADM(HR-Civ) - Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources – Civilian)

ADM(HR-Mil) - Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources -Military)

ADM(IE) - Assistant Deputy Minister (Infrastructure and Environment)

ADM(IM) - Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management)

ADM(Mat) - Assistant Deputy Minister (Materiel)

ADM(PA) - Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Affairs)

ADMS – Assistant Director of Medical Services

ADRU - Air Dispatch & Reception Unit

ADS - Advanced Dressing Station

ADU - Aircraft Delivery Unit

AE - Air Efficiency award
Air Electronics & Air Engineers School

AEAF - Allied Expeditionary Air Forces
AEC - Assessment& Evaluation Centre
AED - Aircraft Equipment Depot
AEF - Air Experience Flight
AEME – Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

AES - Air Electronics School; or Armament Experimental Station
AEV - Armoured Engineer Vehicle

AEW - Airborne Early Warning
AFC - Armed Forces Council; or Australian Flying Corps; or Air Force Cross (medal)

AFDE - Air Fighting Development Establishment
AFDS - Air Fighting Development Squadron, part of CFE
AFDU (S)- Air Fighting Development Unit/Squadron

AFE - Airborne Forces Establishment

AFEE - Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment

AFG - Air Forces Gulf

AFHQ - Airfield Headquarters
AFM - Air Force Medal
AFRU - Advance Flying & Refresher Unit
AFS - Advanced Flying School
AFS - Auxiliary Fighter Squadron
AFSI(I) - Advanced Flying School (India)
AFS(ME) - Advanced Flying School (Middle East)
AFTCC - Air Force Troop Carrier Command
AFTDU - Airborne Forces Tactical Development Unit
AFTS - Advanced Flying Training School
AFTU - Advanced Flying Training Unit; or Air Firing Training Unit
AFU - Advanced Flying Unit
AFV - Armoured Fighting Vehicle

AFWE - Air Forces Western Europe
AG - Air Gunner
AGBS - Air Gunnery & Bombing School
AGC - Adjutant Generals Corps

AGL - Air Gun Laying
AGME - Aircraft Gun Mounting Establishment
AGRS - Advanced Ground Radio School
AGRS - Air & Ground Radio School
A&GS -Armament & Gunnery School
AGS - Air Gunners School; or Aircrew Grading School
AGS(ME/I) - Air Gunners School (Middle East/India)
AGT - Air Work & General Trading (part of the CRO)
AGT - Advanced Gliding Training (Air Cadets)

AGTS - Air Graduate Training School
AGU - Air work Grading Unit
AHQ - Air Headquarters
AHQ(I) - Air Headquarters (India)
A&IEU - Armament & Instrument Experimental Unit
AI - Airborne Interception - night fighter radar equipment
AICF - AI Conversion Flight
AIEU - Armament and Instrument Experimental Unit

AIF – Australian Imperial Forces

AIFV - Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle

AIRCOM – Air Command (Airforce)

AIS - Air Interception School
AIT - Agreement on Internal Trade

AITF - AI Training Flight

AJAGs - Assistant Judge Advocates General

ALG - Advance Landing Ground
Air Landing School (India)
ALO - Air Liaison Officer
AM - Air Marshal; or Air Ministry

AMDP - Air Member for Development & Production
AMES - Air Ministry Experimental Station
AMESS - Air Ministry Experimental Station (ground Radar Station)
AMF – Australian Military Forces

AMMF - Air Ministry Meteorological Flight
AMO - Air Ministry Order; or Air Movement Order

AMOR - Annual Military Occupation Review

AMSC - Advanced Military Studies Course

AMSDU - Air Ministry Servicing Development Unit

AMV – Advanced Modular Vehicle

AMWD - Air Ministry Works Department
Air Navigation & Bombing School

ANGLICO - Air and Naval Gunfire Liason Company

ANS - Air Navigation School

ANZAC - Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

AOC - Air Officer Commanding; or Army Operations Course

AOCU - Andover Operational Conversion Unit
AOG - Aircraft On Ground
AONS - Air Observers Navigation School
AOP - Air Observation Post

AOR - Area of Responsibility; or Auxiliary Oiler (Navy)

AORG - Army Operational Research Group
Air Observers School
Aircrew Officers Training School

AP - Aircraft Park; or Air Publication
APC - Armoured Personnel Carrier

APC (S) - Armament Practice Camp (Station)
APCS - Aden Protectorate Communication Squadron
APCS & SS- Aden Protectorate Control & Support Squadron
APDU - Air Photography Development Unit
AP&DU - Aircraft Preparation& Development Unit
APF - Air Pilotage Flight
APS - Air Pilotage School; or Armament Practice Station
APSF - Aden Protectorate Support Flight
APU - Aircraft Preparation Unit
AR – Automatic Rifle; or Australian Regiment

AR analyst - Administrative Review Analyst

ARC - Aircrew Recruiting Centre; or Aircrew Reception Centre
ARD - Aircraft Repair Depot; or
Alberta Regimental Depot
ARF - Aircraft Repair Flight; or Air Radar Fitter
ARFF - Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting

ARMD - Armoured, Armour Corps

ARP - Aircraft Repair Park
ARRC - Associate Royal Red Cross

ARS - Aircraft Repair Section
ARU - Aircraft Repair Unit

ARV - Armoured Recovery Vehicle

Arty - Artillery

ARWF/S - Advanced Rotary Wing Flight/Squadron
A/S - Anti
- Air School

AS&RU - Aircraft Salvage & Repair Unit

ASAP - As Soon As Possible

ASC - Aircrew Selection Centre; or Air Support Command; or Area Support Group; or Army Service Corps

ASD - Aeroplane Supply Depot

ASF - Air Survey Flight
ASF - Aircraft Servicing Flight
ASI - Air Speed Indicator
ASM - Anti Submarine Missile
ASP - Air Stores Park
ASR - Air Sea Rescue
ASR&CF - Air Sear Rescue & Communication Flight
ASRF - Air Sea Rescue Flight
ASRTU - Air Sea Rescue Training Unit
ASS - Air Signals School

AST - Air Service Training (CRO)

ASTOR - Airborne Stand-Off Radar

ASU - Area Support Unit; or Aircraft Storage Unit

ASuW - Anti-Surface Warfare

ASV - Airborne Surface Vessel, radar for maritime patrol aircraft

ASW - Anti-Submarine Warfare

ASWDU - Air-Sea Warfare Development Unit

A&T – Administration and Training

ATA - Air Transport Auxiliary
ATAF - Allied Tactical Air Force
ATAM - Air-To-Air Missile

ATC - Air Traffic Control
ATC - Armament Training Camp/Air Training Corps (succeeded ADCC, 1941)
ATDC(I) -Air Transport Development Centre (
ATDF - Air Transport Development Flight
ATDU - Air Torpedo Development Unit? Air Transport Development Unit
ATF - Autogiro Training Flight
ATFERO - Atlantic Ferry Organization
ATGU - Aircrew Testing & Grading Unit
ATGW – Army Tank Guided Weapon

ATI - Access to Information Act

ATOC - Army tactical Operations Course

ATOF - Army Training and Operations Framework

ATP - Advanced Training Poll; or Aircrew Transit Pool; or Air Transit Pool

ATS - Auxiliary Territorial Service (women); or Armament Training Station; or Air Training Squadron
Att – Attached

ATTDU - Air Transport Tactical Development Unit; or Armament Training Unit; or Aircrew Transit Unit; or Air Trials Unit
ATREL - Air Transportable Reconnaissance Exploitation Laboratory
ATU - Armament Training Unit; or Aircrew Transit Unit; or Air Trials Unit; or Advanced Training Unit
AUAS - Aberdeen University Air Squadron
AUBDS - Anti U-Boat Devices School
AVF - All-Volunteer Force

AVG - American Volunteer Group

AVGP - Armoured Vehicle General Purpose (Grizzly, Cougar and Bison)

AVLB - Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge

AVM - Air Vice Marshal
AW - Armstrong Whitworth
AWDS - All Weather Development Squadron
AWF - Air Wireless Fitter; or Air Warfare Centre; or All Weather Flight
AWFCS - All Weather Fighter Conversion Squadron
AWL - Absent Without Leave

AWOCU - All Weather Operational Conversion Unit
AWOL – Absent Without Leave

AWACS – Airborne Warning And Control Systems

AWRE - Atomic Weapons Research Establishment

AWWC - Advanced Winter Warfare Course

A/SLt - Acting Sub-Lieutenant


BABS - Blind (Beam?) Approach Beacon System BAC - British Air Commission
B&C - Barrack & Clothing

BACB - British Air Command Berlin
BACF - Beam Approach Calibration Flight
BADU - Blind later, Beam Approach Development Unit
BAe - British Aerospace
BAFF - British Air Forces in France
BAFO - British Air Forces of Occupation

BAFSEA - British Air Force South-East Asia
BAGS – Bombing and
Air Gunnery School

BANS - Basic Air Navigation School
BAOR – British Army of the

BARU - British Airways Repair Unit; or Base Aircraft Repair Unit
BAS - Beam Approach School
BAS&HEDS Bomber Airborne Support & Heavy Equipment Dropping Squadron
BAT - Beam (originally Blind) Approach
BATDU - Blind Approach Training & Development Unit
BATF - Beam (originally Blind) Approach Training Flight
BATTS - Beam Approach Technical Training School
BB - Two Letter Designator for a Battleship.

BBCS - Bengal/Burma Communication Squadron
BB&BLEAU - Bomb Ballistics & Blind Landing Experimental Unit
BBOC Brought Back on Charge
BBU - Bomb Ballistics Unit
BC - Battle Captain (Ops Officer); or Battery Commander (Artillery); Bomber Command; or Basic Component

BCAir - British Commonwealth Air Component, Japan BCAS - Bomber Command Armament School
BCATP - British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
BCBS - Bomber Command Bombing School
BCCF(S) - Bomber Command Communication Flight (Squadron)
BCDU - Bomber Command Development Unit
BCFFU - Bomber Command Film Flight Unit
BCHU - Bomber Command Holding Unit
BCIR&EF Bomber Command Instrument Rating & Examining Flight
BCIS - Bomber Command Instructors School
BCJCF - Bomber Command Jet Conversion Unit
BCMC - Bomber Command Modification Centre

BCOF - British Commonwealth Occupation Force
BCOL - Base Coordinator of Official Languages

BCRD - British Columbia Regimental Depot

BCRS - Bomber Command Radar School
British Commonwealth Trans Antarctic Expedition

Bde – Brigade

Bdr - Bombardier (Cpl in the Artillery)

BDR  -  Battle Damage Repair
BDT - Bomber Defence Training
BDTF - Bomber Defence Training Flight

BDU - Battle-Dress Uniform; or Bomb Dummy Units; or Bombing Development Unit; or Bomber Development Unit; or Balloon Development Unit; or Bomb Disposal Unit

BEF - British Expeditionary Force
BER - Beyond Economical Repair
BEM - British Empire Medal
BF - Bring Forward (placed on a document with date the Clerk is to bring it back from the files)

BFA - Blank Firing Attachment

BFG – British Forces Germany

BFPO – British Forces Post Office

BFT - Battle Fitness Test

BFTS - British Flying Training School

B&GF - Bombing & Gunnery Flight
B&GS -
Bombing & Gunnery School

BG - Battle Group

BGen - Brigadier General

BGHQ – Battle Group Headquarters

BGT - Basic Gliding Training (Air Cadets)
BHFU - BloodHound Firing Unit
BHSU - BloodHound Support Unit

BIQ - Basic Infantry Qualification

BK - Battery Captain

BLEU - Blind Landing Experimental Unit
Bombing Leaders School

BMH – British Military Hospital

BMQ - Basic Military Qualification

BMT - Basic Military Training (Past term for BMQ and QL2)

Bn - Battalion

BoB - Battle of Britain

BobMF - Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

BOD - Board of Directors

BOHICA - Bend Over Here It Comes Again

BOQ - Bachelor Officers' Quarters

BOR - Battalion Orderly Room

BOS - Battalion Orderly Sergeant

BOTC - Basic Officer Training Course

BOTP - Basic Officer Training Program

BRCS - British Red Cross Society

BRD - Base Repair Depot

BRSC - British Rear Support Command

BRTC - Basic Recruit Training Course

Br. CWO - Branch Chief Warrant Officer

BPSO - Base Personnel Selection Office

BSDU - Bomber Support Development Unit
Battery Sergeant Major

BSRU - Base Signal Radar Unit
BSTU - Bomber Support Training Unit

BT – Bathythermograph

BTF - Bomber Towing/Training Flight
BTU - Bombing Trials Unit

Bty – Battery

BU - Broken Up

Bus - Bilingual Units

BQMS - Battery Quartermaster Sergeant

B&W – Buildings & Works

B/WEO - Base or Wing Education Officer

B/WPSO - Base or Wing Personnel Selection Officer

BWF - Bristol Wireless Flight

BZ - (Bravo Zulu) Good job or well done


(C) - Coastal
C&SM - Sheet metal & Copper
- Controller, Aircraft (Air Ministry)
CAACU - Civilian Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit
CAC – Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation; or Coast Artillery Co-operation; or Consolidated Aircraft Corporation; or Chrislea Aircraft Co.

CACS - Central Air Command Section
CACF - Coast Artillery Co-operation Flight
CACU - Coast Artillery Co-operation Unit
CAD – Central Ammunition Depot

CADC - Canadian Army Dental Corps

CADPAT - Canadian Disruptive Pattern (uniform design)

CAEU - Casualty Air Evacuation Unit
Cal Flt - Calibration Flight
CF/Unit - Camouflage Flight/Unit
C&M - Care and Maintenance
Cam-ship - Catapult-Armed Merchant Ship
Cam – Camouflaged (Camo)

CAMC - Canadian Army Medical Corps

CAMO - Camouflage Unit
Canada COM - Canada Command

CANCOM – Canada Command

CANFORGEN - Canadian Forces General Order

CANLANDGEN - Land Force General Message

CANSOFCOM - Canadian Special Operations Forces Command

Canex - Canadian Forces Exchange

CANS - Civil Air Navigation School
CAP - Captain

CAOC - Canadian Army Ordnance Corps
CAOS - Combined
Air Observers School
Capt - Captain

Capt (N) - Captain (Navy)

CAR - Canadian Airborne Regiment

CARD - Central Aircraft Repair Depot
CAS - Chief of the Air Staff; or Casualty

CASC - Canadian Army Service Corps

Casevac - Casualty Evacuation

CASF - Canadian Active Service Force; or  Canadian Army Special Force

CASTS - Combined Anti Submarine Tactical School
CAT - Damage Category
CAT - College of Air Training
CATCS - Central Air Traffic Control School
CAW - College of Air Ware fare
CBCF - Coastal Battery Cooperation Flight
CBCS - Coastal Battery Cooperation School

CBD - Canadian Base Details

CBE - Central Bomber Establishment
CBG - Canadian Brigade Group

CBRN - Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear

Cbt Tm - Combat Team

CC - Confined to Camp; or Capability Component
CCAPMF - Coastal Command Aircraft Preparation& Training Unit
Canadian Casualty Clearing Station

CCD - Course Control Document; or Canadian Convalescent Depot

CCDU - Coastal Command Development Unit
CCFATU - Coastal Command Fighter Affiliation & Training Unit
CCRC - Combat Crew Replacement Centre
CCSDF - Coastal Command Special Duties Flight
CCF/U - Check and Conversation Flight/Unit
CCGS - Coat sal Command Gunnery School
CC(F)IS - Coastal Command (Flying) Instructors School
CCLPP - Coastal Command Land Plane Pilots Pool
CCP – Casualty Collecting Point

CCPP - Coastal Command Preparation Pool
CCPS - Central Computation Pay System

CCS – Casualty Clearing Station

CCTDU - Coastal Command Tactical Development Unit
CCTF - Coastal Command Training Flight/Combat Cairo Task Force Cd - Command
CD - Coast Defence; Canadian Decoration (service medal); or Civil Defence
Canadian Defence Academy

CDAC – Canadian Divisional Ammunition Depot

CDC – Canadian Dental Corps

CDCF - Coastal Command Cooperation Flight
CDDU - Coast Defence Development Unit
CDG - Croix de Guerre
Cdr - Commander

CDS - Chief of the Defence Staff

CDSA - Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

CE - Canadian Engineers

CEDIT - Command Engineering Development & Investigation Unit
CEF - Casualty Defence Flight; or Canadian Expeditionary Force (1914-1919)
CEFCOM – Canadian Expeditionary Force Command

CEOTP - Continuing Education Officer Training Plan
CER - Combat Engineer Regiment

CERD - Canadian Engineer Reinforcement Depot

CF - Canadian Forces; or Canadian Fighter; or Communication Flight; or Conversion Flight (number Prefix)

CE Round - Chemical Energy Round

CEW - Centimetric Early Warning

CF 98 - Canadian Forces form #98 - Report on Injuries

CF H Svcs Gp - Canadian Forces Health Services Group

CF JNBCD - Canadian Forces Joint Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence

CF LA - Canadian Forces Legal Advisor

CFA - Canadian Field Ambulance; or Canadian Field Artillery

CFAD - Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot

CFAO - Canadian Forces Administrative Order

CFB - Canadian Forces Base

CFC – Canadian Forestry Corps

CFCCU - Civilian Fighter Control Cooperation Flight

CFCEP - Canadian Forces Continuing Education Program

CFCF - Canadian Forces Central Fund

CFCS – Canadian Forces Communications System; or Central Fighter Control School

CFCSC - Canadian Forces Command and Staff College (located in Toronto)

CFDCP - Canadian Forces Drug Control Program

CFE - Canadian Forces Europe; or Central Fighter Establishment

CFEWC - Canadian Forces Electronic Warfare Centre. Located a Shirleys Bay outside Ottawa.

CFF - Combined Forces in France

CFFM - Canadian Forces Fire Marshal

CFFTS - Canadian Forces Flight Training School

CFHA - Canadian Forces Housing Agency

CFI - Chief Flying Instructor; or Chief Flight Instructor; or Communications Flight Iraq

CFI&P - Communication Flight Iraq & Persia

CFIOG - Canadian Forces Information Operations Group

CFITES - Canadian Forces Individual Training and Education System

CFLAWC – Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre

CFLC - Canadian Forces Liaison Council

CFLRS - Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School

CFMEP - Canadian Forces Military Equivalencies Program

CFMO - Canadian Forces Medical Order

CFMPA - Canadian Forces Military Police Academy

CFMS – Canadian Forces Medical Service

Cfn - Craftsman, A Private in any 400 series trade (VehTech, Wpns Tech, FCS Tech, Mat Tech)

CFN - Canadian Forces Newspapers

CFNCIU - Canadian Forces National Counter-Intelligence Unit

CFNES - Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School

CFNIS - Canadian Forces National Investigation Service

CFP - Canadian Forces Publication: A Canadian military book or PAM.

CFPAF - Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund

CFPAS - Canadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System

CFPD - Canadian Forces professional development

CFPM - Canadian Forces Provost Marshall (Commanding Officer of Canadian Military Police)

CFPO - Canadian Forces Post Office

CFPP - Canadian Forces Parliamentary Program

(C)FPP - Civilian Ferry Pilots Pool

CFPSA - Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency

CFR - Canadian Forces Registration (vehicles license plate number); or Commissioning From Ranks

CFRC - Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre

CFRETS - Canadian Forces Recruiting, Education and Training System

CFRG - Canadian Forces Recruiting Group

CFRIMS - Canadian Forces Resources Information Management System

CF(S) - Communications Flight (Squadron)

CFS - Canadian Forces Station; or Central Flying School

CFSAL - Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistic

CFSATS - Canadian Forces Small Arms Trainer Simulator

CFSCE - Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics

CFSD - Canadian Forces Supply Depot

CFSEME - Canadian Forces School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

CFSME - Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering

CFSO - Canadian Forces Supplementary Orders

CFTO - Canadian Forces Technical Order

CFWD - Communication Flight Western Desert
Canadian Garrison Artillery

CGH - Canadian General Hospital

CGIS - Central Gliding Instructors School
CGM - Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
CGMF - Central Glider Maintenance Flight
CGN - Cruiser, Guided Missile, Nuclear

CGR - Canadian Garrison Regiment

CGS - Central Gunnery School; or Central Gliding School;  or Chief of the General Staff

CH - Chain Home (Radar chain)
CHAP - Cadet Harassment and Abuse Prevention

CHEL - Chain Home Extra Low (Radar)
CHL - Chain Home Low (Radar chain)

CHRC - Canadian Human Rights Commission

CHRPCC - Civilian Human Resource Planning and Coordination Committee

CHRSC - Civilian Human Resource Service Centers

CIBG - Canadian Infantry Brigade Group

CIC - Cadet Instructors Cadre, formerly the Cadet Instructors List or

CIG – Chief Instructor in Gunnery

CinC – Commander in Chief

CITC – Canadian Infantry Training Centre

CJTF - Combined Joint Task Force

CL - Casualty List

CLAM - Combat Liberation Army of Meaford

CLE - Central Landing Establishment
CLFCSC - Canadian Land Force Command and
Staff College (located in Kingston, ON)

CLH – Canadian Light Horse

CLS - Chief of the Land Staff; or Central Landing School
CM - Career Manager; or Court Martial

CMBG - Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group

Cmd - Command
CMD - Conventional Munitions Disposal

Cmdre - Commodore

CME - Canadian Military Engineer

CMF - Central Med Forces
CMGB – Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group

CMGC - Canadian Machine Gun Corps

CMIS - Career Management Information System

CMJ - Chief Military Judge

CMP - Chief of Military Personnel; or Corps of Military Police

CMPA - Canadian Military Police Association

CMR - Canadian Mounted Rifles

CMS - Chief of Maritime Staff

CMTC – Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre

CMU - Civilian Maintenance Unit
CN&CS - Central Navigation & Control School
CNF - Commonwealth Naval Forces

CNS - Central Navigation School
Central Night Vision Training School
- Commanding Officer (can also be OC); or Chain Overseas (Overseas version of CH)
COA - Course of Action

COD - Command Ordinance Depot
C of I -
Court of Inquiry

COI - Conflict of Interest

COIN - Counter-Insurgency Operations

Col – Colonel

Comd. – Commander; or Command

COMINT - Communications Intelligence

Comm(s) Communication(s)
Comms Z – Communications Zone

Compo – Composite Ration (also called comp rat)

COMSEN – Communications Centre

Conv – Conversion

Coord – Co-ordinate

CORD - Central Ontario Regimental Depot

COTU - Coastal Operational Training Unit
COS - Chief of Staff; or Company Orderly Sergeant; or Change of Strength

Coy - Company

C&P - Counseling and Probation
CP - Command Post; or Close Protection

CPC – Canadian Postal Corps

CPE - Central Photographic Establishment

CPF - Canadian Patrol Frigate. (Halifax Class); or Coastal Patrol Flight

Cpl – Corporal

CPO – Chief Petty Officer (Navy Rank); or Command Pay Office

CPO1 - Chief Petty Officer 1st Class

CPO2 - Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class

CPPR - Civilian Performance Planning and Review

CQMS - Company Quartermaster Sergeant

CRB - Career Review Board

CRC - Control and reporting center

CRCR - Canadian Reserve Cavalry Regiment
CRD - Controller of Research & Development
CRDF - Cathode Ray Direction Finding
CRE - Central Reconnaissance Establishment

CRF - Controller of Research & Development
CRIS - Cranio-Rectal Insertion Syndrome
CRO - Central Records Office; or Civilian Repair Organization

CRP - Civilian Repair Party

CRPG - Canadian Ranger Patrol Group

CRS - Chief Review Services; or Control and Reporting School

CRT - Canadian Railway Troops
CRU - Civilian Repair Unit

CS(A) - Controller of Supply (Air)
CSD - Code of Service Discipline

CSDE - Central Servicing Development Establishment
Cse – Course

CSE - Central Signals Establishment
CSF - Central Signals Establishment; or Communications and Support Flight
CSIS - Canadian Security and Intelligence Service

CSM - Company Sergeant Major

CSOR - Canadian Special Operations Regiment

CSPDE - Combined services Project Development Unit
CSR - Combat Stress Reaction
CSS Communications and Support Squadron; or Combat Service Support
C Sups – Combat Supplies

C SCOT R - Canadian Scottish Regiment. A Reserve Infantry Regiment on Vancouver Island.

CSU - Communications and Support Unit

CT - Component Transfer

CTAT - Controlled Technology Access Transfer

CTC – Canadian Training Centre

CTF - Combined Task Force (refers to a multi-national TF)

CTO - Compensated Time Off

CTP – Commonwealth Training Plan (aka BCATP); or Course Training Plan

CTS - Combat Training School; or Clothe The Soldier
CTTS - Communications & Target-towing Squadron; or Civilian Technical Training School
CTU - Combat Training Unit; or Crew Training Unit
CTW - Combat Training Wing
CU - Conversion Unit; or Camouflage Unit; or Communications Unit
Cu - Converted
CV - Common Valve; or Combat Vehicles
CVD – Central Vehicle Depot

CVN - Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear

CVR (T) or (W) – Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) or (Wheeled)

CW - Communication Wing; or Chemical Warfare
CWAC - Canadian Women's Army Corps

CWAC ACCOMM - Canadian Women's Army Corps Accommodations

CWGC - Commonwealth War Graves Commission
CWO - Chief Warrant Officer

CWP - Contractor's Working Party

CWRO – Canadian War Records Office

CZP - Correct Zeroing Point

CzTU - Czechoslovak Training Unit

D Cdts - Directorate of Cadets

D Dent Svcs - Director Dental Services

D Env P - Director, Environmental Protection

D Fin Ops - Directorate Financial Operations

D Law HR - Director Law Human Resources

D Law MJPR - Director Law Military Justice Policy and Research

D Law/ I - Director of Law/ International

D Law/Mil Per - Director of Law/Military Personnel

D Mar Pers - Directorate of Maritime Personnel

D Med Pol - Director Medical Policy

D Med Svcs - Director Medical Services

D Mil C - Director Military Careers

D Pub Pol - Directorate of Public Policy

DAC – Divisional Ammunition Company

DAF - Desert Air Force

DAFTF - Desert Air Force Training Flight

DAIP - Director Access to Information and Privacy

DAOD - Defense Administration Orders and Directives

DAPPP - Director Accounts Processing, Pay and Pensions

DART - Disaster Assistance Response Team

DATCO - Deputy Air Traffic Controller

DBF - Destroyed By Fire

DBR - Damaged Beyond Repair

DC Pol - Directorate Contracting Policy

DCCL - Director, Claims and Civil Litigation

DCCO - Director Civilian Classification and Organization

DCDS - Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff

DCEP - Director Civilian Employment Policies

DCHRHP - Director of Civilian Human Rights and Harassment Programs

DCIEM - Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine.

DCM – Distinguished Conduct Medal

DCO - Deputy Commanding Officer; or Duty Carried Out

DCOS - Deputy Chief of Staff

DCSA - Directorate Casualty Support and Administration

DDDO - Direction for Domestic Operations

DDG - Destroyer, Guided Missile

DDH - Destroyer, Helicopter carrying

DDL - Destroyer Deck Landings

DDR - East Germany Deutsche Democratic Republic - also GDR

DDSAL - Director of Disposals, Sales, Artifacts and Loans

DECPR - Director, External Communications and Public Relations

Def – Defence

Del/Dly - Delivery

DEO - Direct Entry Officer

DEOP - Direct entry officer plan

DEP - Delayed Entry Program; or Director Ethics Program

Det – Detachment; or Detached

Dett - Detachment (detachment to another unit or Squadron)

DEU - Distinctive Environmental Uniform

DEW - Distant Early Warning (The DEW-line radar system)

DEW Line – Distant Early Warning Line

D/F - Direct Finding (Station)

DF – Defensive Fire

DFC - Distinguished Flying Cross
Day Fighter Combat School, part of CFE

DFLS - Day Fighter Leaders School

DFM - Distinguished Flying Medal

DFPP - Director of Financial Policy and Procedures

DFS - Direct Fire Support

DG Cond Svc - Director General Conditions of Service

DG Int - Director General Intelligence

DGA - Director General of Aviation
DGADR - Director General Alternative Dispute Resolution

DGCESP - Director General Civilian Employment Strategies and Programs

DGE - Director General Environment

DGEPS - Director General Equipment Program Services

DGER - Director General Employee Relations

DGFDA - Director General Force Development Analysis

DGHS - Director General Health Services.

DGIIP - Director General International and Industry Programs

DGLPD - Director General Learning and Professional Development

DGLRC - Director General Labour Relations and Compensation

DGMC - Director General (Military Careers)

DGNS - Director General Nuclear Safety

DGPA - Director General (Public Affairs)

DGPGP - Director General Personnel Generation Policy

DGRC - Director General (Reserves and Cadets)

DGRD - Director General of Research & Development

DGSP - Director General (Strategic Planning)

DHFS - Defence Helicopter Flying School

DHH - Directorate of History and Heritage

DHO - Director of Health Operations

DHRD - Director Human Rights and Diversity

DHRIM - Directorate Human Resources Information Management. (The PeopleSoft people.)

DI - Drill Instructor; or Daily Inspection (This was done every morning on equipment)

DICASS - Directional Command Activated Sonobouy System.

DIFAR - Directional Frequency Analisys and Recording.

DIHRS - Defence Integrated Human Resource System

DIMSP - Directorate Information Management Strategic Planning

DIN - Defence Information Network

DIP - Director Intellectual Property

DIRPR - Director Information Resource Plans and Regulation

Disb – Disbanded

DISO - Defence Information Services Organization

DJAG - Deputy Judge Advocate General

DKIM - Director Knowledge and Information Management

DL - Distributed Learning

DLBM/Food S - Director Logistics Business Management/Food Services

DLBM/TM - Director Logistics Business Management/Transportation Management

DLPDPS - Director Learning and Professional Development Programs and Services

DLPDSP - Director Learning and Professional Development Strategies and Policies

DLRPP - Director Labour Relations Policies and Programs

DM - Deputy Minister

DMASP - Director Materiel Acquisition and Support Programme

DMC - Defence Management Committee

DMCARM - Director Military Careers Administration and Resource Management

DME - Distance Measuring Equipment

DMFS - Directorate Military Family Services

Dml – Demolition

DMMD - Director Materiel Management Distribution

DMPD - Director, Management Policy Development

DMPP - Director Materiel Policy and Procedures

DNCO – Duty Not Carried Out; or Did Not Complete Operation

DND - Department of National Defence

DO - Duty Officer; or Daily Order

DOB - Date of Birth; or Deployed Operating Base

DOL - Director Official Languages

DOS SJS - Director of Staff, Strategic Joint Staff

D of W – Died of Wounds

DP - Development Period; officer and NCM careers are divided into Developmental Periods

DPDT - Director Plans, Doctrine and Training

DPE - Directorate of Physical Education

DPFL - Directorate Protocol and Foreign Liaison

DPM - Deputy Provost Marshal

DQA - Director Quality Assurance

DQOL - Director Quality of Life

DRET - Directorate of Recruiting, Education and Training

DRSO - Daily Range Standing Order

DS - Directing Staff

DSA - Director Senior Appointments

DSCDS - Defence Subject Classification and Disposition System

DSCES - Director Strategic Communications and Executive Services

DSCO - Director Supply Chain Operations

DSEI - Directorate of Special Examinations and Inquiries

DSM - Drill Sergeant Major

DSO - Distinguished Service Order

DTD - Directorate of Technical Development; or Director of Technical Development (Air Ministry)
DTEO - Defence Test & Evaluation Organization

DTEP - Director Training and Education Policy

DTG – Date Time Group DEU - Distinctive Environmental Uniform

DTMS - Defence Terminology Management System

DTN - Defence Teleprinter Network

DTSES - Directorate Telecommunications and Spectrum Engineering and Support

DUAS - Durham University Air Squadron

DVA - Department of Veteran Affairs

Dvr – Driver

DWAN - Defence Wide Area Network

DWI - Directional Wireless Installation (Magnetic Minesweepers)


EAAS - Empire Air Armament School
EAC - Eastern Air Command
EAF - East Africa Flight
EANS - Empire Air Navigation School
EAOS - Elementary Air Observer School
EASSU - Enemy Aircraft Storage & Servicing Unit
EATS - Empire Air Training Scheme
EBTS - Elementary and Basic Training School (Coastal Command)
EC - Escadrille de Chasse (Small French Fighter Unit); or Engagement Controller (Bloodhound missile)
ECC - Equipment Configuration Code

ECS - Environmental Chiefs of Staff

ECDU - Electronic Countermeasures Development Unit; or Engine Control Demonstration Unit
Empire Central Flying School
Ech – Echelon

ECI - Engineer Control Instructors ECM - Electronic Countermeasures
ECU - Electronic Countermeasures Unit
ED - Equivalency Database; or Environmental Directive

ED & T - Exempt From Drill and Training

EDD - Equipment Disposal Unit

EdO -  Education Objective

EDP – Emergency Defence Plan

EFS - Empire Flying School
EFTS - Elementary
Flying Training School
EGS - Elementary
Gliding School
EGTS - Elementary
Glider Training School
EIS - Equipment Issue Scale

ELG - Emergency Landing Ground
ELINT - Electronic Intelligence

ELOC - Essential Level of Capability

ELUs - English Language Units

EMCS - Eastern Mediterranean Communication Flight
EME - Electrical Mechanical Engineer

EMUAS - East Midlands University Air Squadron
En – Enemy

Eng – English

Engr – Engineer

EO - Enabling Objective

EOD – Explosive Ordnance Disposal

EORD – Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot

EOWS - Elementary Observer Wireless School

EP - Equipment Park
Eqpt – Equipment

ERP - Emergency Response Plans

ERPT - Emergency Response Planning Team

ERS - Empire Radio School; or Engine Repair Section
E&RFTS - Elementary& Reserve Flying Training School

ESR - Engineer Support Regiment

ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
ETO - European Theatre of Operations
ETPS - Empire Test Pilots School
EU - Equipment Unit
EUAS - Edinburgh University Air Squadron
Evd - Evaded Capture
EWAU - Electronic Ware fare Avionics Unit
EWE&TU - Electronic Ware fare Experimental & Training Unit
EW - Electronic Warfare; or Early Warning

E&WS - Electrical & Wireless School
EWS - Emergency Water Supply

EX – Exercise ; or Executive Group


F1A - Fitter I (Airframes)

F1E - Fitter I (Engines)

F2A - Fitter II (Airframes)

F2E - Fitter II (Engines)

FAA - Fleet Air Arm; or Financial Administration Act

FAC – Forward Air Controller

FAE – Fitter Aero Engines
FAM - Financial Administration Manual

FAP - First Aid Post
FAGS - Fleet Aerial Gunners School
FATU - Flight Affiliation Training Unit; or Fighter Armament Training Unit
FB - Fire Base

FBDF - Flying Boat Development Flight
F-BFTS - France-Belgium Flying Training Unit
FBO - Fixed Base Operations

FBS - Flying Boat School
FBSU - Flying Boat Servicing Unit
FBSU - Flying Boat Servicing Unit
FC - Ferry Control/Fighter Command/Flying Control
FCCRS - Fighter Command Control & Reporting School
FCCS/F Fighter Command Communication Squadron/Flight
FCCU - Fighter Control Cooperation Unit
FCIRS/F - Fighter Command Instrument Rating Squadron/Flight
FCITF/S - Fighter Command Instrument Training Flight .Squadron
FCMPC - Fighter Command Missile Practice Camp
FCP - Family Care Plan

FCPU - Ferry Command Preparation Unit
FCRS - Fighter Command Radar School
FCS - Fighter Command School
FCS - Facility Checking Squadron
FCTU - Fighter Command Trials Unit
Fd Engr - Field Engineer

FDF - Fighter Defence Unit
FDS - Field Dressing Station

F/E - Flight Engineer
F & E - Furniture and Effects

FE - Far East
- Far East Air Force
Far East Air Force Examination Squadron
FEBA – Forward Edge
Battle Area

FECEF - Far East Casualty Evacuation Unit

FEE - Fighter Experimental Establishment
FEE Op - Field Engineer Equipment
Far East Flying Boat Wing

FEO - Fire Effects Observer/Officer

FES – Flight Engineer School; or Field Engineering Squadron
FETDU - Far East Tactical Development Unit
FETS - Far East Training Squadron
FETW - Far East Training Wing
FF - Fighter Flight/Ferry Flight/Free French
FFAF - Free French Air Force
FFDPF - Free French Desert Patrol Flight
FFE - Fire for Effect

FFFF - Free French Fighter Flight

FFH - Frigate, Helicopter. A Frigate type vessel with Helicopter(s) as its primary armament
FFI - Free From Infection
FF PFMP - Fire Fighters Physical Fitness Maintenance Program

FFP - Final Firing Position

FHP - Force Health Protection

FIBUA - Fighting In Built Up Areas

FIDO - Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation
F I DS/U - Fighter Interception Development Squadron/Unit
Fin - Financial

Fin O - Financial Officer

FIS - Flying Instructors School
F I U - Fighter Interception Unit
F/L - Flight Lieutenant
FLET – Forward Location Enemy Troops

FLOT – Forward Location Own Troops; or Flotilla (Flot)

FLS - Fighter Leaders School
Flt - Flight

FLUs - French Language Units

FMA - Flight Mechanic Airframes

FMAS - Financial and Managerial Accounting System

FMC – Force Mobile Command

FME - Flight Mechanic Engines
Fmm – Formation

FMP - Field Message Pad

FMS - Facilities Management Squadron; or Field Maintenance Squadron
FSMO - Full Service Marching Order
F/O - Flying Officer
FOA - Field Operations Allowance

FOB - Forward Operating Base

FOO - Forward Observation Officer

FOUO – For Official Use Only FP - Ferry Pool
FPF - Final Protective Fire

FPP - Ferry Pilots Pool
FPU - Ferry Preparation Unit; or Film Production Unit
FR - Fighter Reconnaissance
FRD - Forward Repair Depot
FRS - Flying Refresher School
FRT – Forward Repair Team

FRU - Field Repair Unit/Fleet Requirements Unit
F/S - Flight Sergeant
FS - Fighting School
FSAF&G - Fleet School of Aerial Fighting & Gunnery School
FSDS - Fighter Support Development Squadron
FSP - Forward Staging Post
FSS - Ferry Support Squadron; or Flying Selection Squadron
FSTS - Fire and Security Training School
FSTU - Fighter Support Training Unit
FTC - Flying Training Command
FTCPF - Flying Training Command Practice Flight
FTF/U - Ferry Training Flight/Unit
FTFlt - Ferry Training Flight
FTLU - French Tactical Liaison Unit
FTR - Failed to Return
FTS - Flying Training School

FTU - Ferry Training Unit/Floatplane Training Unit/Flight Trials Unit
FU - Ferry Unit
FUBAR - F**ked up Beyond All Repair

FUP – Forming Up Point (or Position)

FWS - Fighter Weapons School
F w - Feldwebel/Focke Wulfe


GATES - German Army Training Establishment Shilo

GATU - Ground Attack Training Unit
G/C - Group Captain
GC - Gliding Centre; or Groupe de Chasse; or Good Conduct
GCA - Ground Controlled Approach
GCAOS - Ground Controlled Approach Operation School
GCAS - Ground Controlled Approach Squadron
GCATU - Ground Controlled Approach Training Unit
GC badge –
Good Conduct Badge

GCCS - Global Command and Control System (Maritime)

GCF - Gunnery Co-operation Flight/Group Communication Flight
GCHQ - Government Communications HQ
GCI - Ground Controlled Interception
GCS - Ground Controlled Squadron
GCT - Ground Combat Training
GD - General Duties
GDC - Group Disbandment Centre
Group Defence Gunnery School

GDP – General Defence Plan

GE - George Cross
GED - Ground Equipment Depot; or General Educational Development
Gen - General

GEP - General Equipment Park
GES - Glider Exercise Squadron
GEU - Glider Exercise Unit
GG - Ground Gunnery
GGS - Ground Gunnery School
GI - Ground Instructional
GIC - Gliding Induction Course (Air Cadets)
GIF - Glider Instructors Flight

GIP - Grid Intersecting Point

GIS - Glider Instructors School
GL - Gun Laying (radar)
GMC - General Military Course

Gnd - ground
Gnr - Gunner
(G) OTU - Glider Operational Training Unit

GoC - Government of Canada

GOC - General Officer Commanding
Gnr – Gunner (private in artillery)

Gp - Group
GP - General Purpose
GP CF - Group Conversion Flight
GP/DA - Group Disposal Account (book-keeping exercise for damaged aircraft)
GPEU - Glider Exercise Unit
GPIS - Glider Pilot Instructors School
GPMG –  General Purpose Machine Gun

GPO - Gun Position Officer

GPS – Global Positioning System

GPUTF - Glider Pick-up Training Unit
GPR - Glider Pilot Regiment
GQA - Government Quality Assurance

GR - General reconnaissance
GR&ANS - General Reconnaissance and Air Navigation School
GRF - Ground Radar Fitter
GRICS -  Ground Radio Installation Clearance Service (security clearance for visitors)
GRS - General Reconnaissance School
GRSF - Ground Radio Servicing Flight
GRSS - Ground Radio Servicing Squadron
GRU - General Reconnaissance Unit
GRU/F - General Reconnaissance Unit/Flight
Grunt – Slang Word For An Infantryman

GS - Gliding School; or General Specification; or Grading School
GSE - Glider Servicing Echelon
GSF - Glider Servicing Flight
GSP - Government Security Policy

GSU - Group Support Unit
Gunshot Wound

GTF - Gunnery Training Flight
GTPS - Glider & Tug Pilots School
GTS - Glider Training Squadron; or Glider Training School
GU - Grading Unit
Glasgow University Air Squadron
GWDS - Guided Weapon Development Squadron
GWF - Ground Wireless Fitter
GWOT - Global War On Terror

GWTS - Guided Weapon Training Squadron


HAA – Heavy Anti Air

HAAPC - Heavy antiaircraft Practice Camp
HAD - Home Aircraft Depot
Hull, Armament, Turret, Suspension

HAZMAT - Hazardous Material

(HB) - Heavy Bomber
(HB)CU - (Heavy Bomber) Conversion Unit
HB – Hostile

HCA - Health Care Administrator

HCCS - Home Command Communications Squadron
HCEU - Home Command Examining Unit
HCF - Helicopter Communications Flight; or Home Communications Flight
HCU - Heavy Conversion Unit
HD - Home Defence
Hdlg Sqn - Handling Squadron
HDU - Helicopter Development Unit
HE - High Explosive; Home Establishment (movements)
HEAT – High Explosive Anti Tank

Hel – Helicopter

HEMTT – Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck

HFDF - High Frequency Direction Finding ("Huff-Duff")
HFF - Heavy Freight Flight
HFU - Home Ferry Unit
HGCU - Heavy Glider Conversion Unit
HGMU - Heavy Glider Maintenance Unit

HGSU - Heavy Glider Servicing Unit
HGTU - Heavy Glider Training Unit
HHT - House Hunting Trip

HKAAF - Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force
HKFS - Hong Kong Fighter Squadron
HKVA - Hong Kong Volunteer Air Force
HLVW - Heavy Lift Vehicle, Wheeled; or Heavy Logistics Vehicle Wheeled

HM – Her/His Majesty

HMCS - Her Majesty's Canadian Ship

HMMWV – High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (Humvee)

HMS - His/Her Majesty's Ship (UK)
HMT - His/Her Majesty's Transport Ship

HOCF = Helicopter Operational Conversion Flight
Hptm - Hauptman
HQ - Headquarters
HQ AC - Headquarters Air Cadets
HQ ATA - Headquarters Air Transport Auxiliary
HQ EFT - Headquarters Elementary Flying Training
HQ FPP - Headquarters Ferry Pilots Pool
HQ P&SS - Headquarters Provost & Security Services ('Snowdrops')

HQ PTC - Headquarters Personnel & Training Command
HQ STC - Headquarters Strike Command
HQ TAF - Headquarters Tactical Air Force
HQME - Headquarters
Middle East
HQTTCPS - Headquarters Technical Training Command Publicity Section
HR - Human Resources

HRG - Historical Research Group

HRMS - Human Resources Management System

HS Flt - High Speed Flight
HSO - Health Services Officer

HST - High Speed Telegraphist
HTCU - Heavy Transport Conversion Unit
(HTS)CU - (Heavy Transport Support) Conversion Unit

HUA – Heard, Understood, Acknowledged

HUMINT - Human Intelligence (information collected from a human source)

HVM – Hyper Velocity Missile


(I) - India
IA - Immediate Action

IAAD - Inland Area Aircraft Depot
Inland Area Aircraft School
IAF - Indian Air Force
IAFVR - Indian Air Force Volunteer Reserve
IAMUS - Installation Automated Manpower Utilization System

IAP - Initial Assessment Phase
IAPF - Inland Area Practice Flight
IAvMed - Institution of Aviation Medical CCF Iraq Command Communication Flight
IAW - In Accordance With (reference)

IBTS - Individual Battle Task Standards

i/c - In charge
IC - Incident Commander

ICC - Input Control Centre

ICF/S - Italy Communication Flight/Squadron
Iraq Defence Flight
IE - Initial Establishment; or Intermediate Engagement
IED - Improvised Explosive Device

IFCCS - Indirect Fire Control Computer Software

IFCS - Integrated Fire Control System

IFDU - Intensive Flying Development Unit
IFF - Identification Friend or Foe
Irish Flying Instructors School

IFS - Instrument Flying Squadron
IFSAC - International Fire Service Accreditation Congress

IFTS - Initial Flying Training School
IFTU - Instrument Flying Training Unit/Intensive Flying Trials Unit
IGT - Initial Gliding Training (Air Cadets)
II – Image Intensifier
ILDS - Improved Landmine Detection System (held only by 4 ESR)

ILF - Independent Liaison Flight

ILP - Individual Learning Plan

ILS - Instrument Landing System
IMD - Information Management Directive

IMP - Individual Meal Packets

Int – Intelligence; or Interned
Int O - Intelligence Officer

Int Op - Intelligence Operator

Int Sum – Intelligence Summary

IoM - Isle of Man
I/O - Intelligence Officer
IO – Intelligence Officer

IP - Intellectual property

IR - Immediate Reserve; or Individual Reservist
IRF - Independent Reconnaissance Flight
IRG - Immediate Replenishment Group

IRIS  - Inspector of Radio Installation Services
IRRU - Instant Readiness Reserve Unit
IR&SU - Immediate Reserve & Support Unit
IRU - Immediate Reaction Unit

IS – Internal Security

ISAF - International Security Assistance Force

ISC – Infantry Section Carrier

ISCC - Infantry Section Commander's Course

ISF - Internal Security Flight
ISTAR - Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance

IT&E - Individual Training and Education

ITF/S - Instrument Raining Flight/Squadron
ITS - Initial Training School
ITW - Initial Training Wing

IW – Individual Weapon


J3 - Joint Staff 3 (Operations and Training)

JAG - Judge Advocate General

JAPIC - Joint Air Photographic Interpretation Centre
JARIC - Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre
JASS - Joint Anti-Submarine School
JATE - Joint Air Transport Establishment
JCU - Jet Conversion Unit (Bomber Command Jet Conversion Unit)
JEFTS - Joint Elementary Flying Training Squadron
JEHU - Joint Experimental Helicopter Unit
JFACT&SU - Joint Forward Air Controllers Training & Standards Unit
JFHQ - Joint Force Headquarters

JGWTU - Joint Guided Weapons Training Unit
JHDU - Joint Helicopter Development Unit
JHQ – Joint Headquarters

JNBCD - Joint Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defence

JNCO - Junior NCO
JPTU - Jet Provost Trials Unit
JRC - Junior Ranks Club (Mess)

JSPI - Joint School of Photographic Interpretation
JSSC - Joint Services Staff College
JSSPT - School for Jungle Self Preservation Training
JSTU - Joint Services Trials Unit
J/T - Junior Technician
JTF - Joint Task Force (land/air/sea); or Jet Training Flight

JTF-2 - Joint Task Force 2

JTU - Joint Trials Unit
JWE - Joint Warfare Establishment


KAAU - Kenya Auxiliary Air Unit
Kenya Air Force
KD - Khaki Drill
KE Round - Kinetic Energy Round

KFS - Knife, Fork, Spoon

KF - King's Flight

KIA - Killed In Action
KLFS - Kula Lumpur Fighter Squadron
KRs - King's Regulations
Kent University Air Squadron

KZ - Killing Zone


L1s - Level One Advisors as set out in A-FN-100-002/AG-006

LAAGS - Light Anti-Aircraft Gunnery School
LAAPC - Light Anti-Aircraft Practice Camp
LAC - Leading Aircraftman (Airforce); or Library and Archives
LACW - Leading Aircraft Woman (Airforce)
LARC – Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo

LAS - Light Aircraft School
LASER - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

LAV – Light Armoured Vehicle

LAW - Leading Aircraft Woman (Airforce)

LCF - Lincoln Conversion Flight
LCdr - Lieutenant Commander

LCol - Lieutenant Colonel

LCP - Launch Control Post (Bloodhound missile)

LCpl – Lance Corporal

LdSH (RC) – Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)

LEME - Land Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

LFA - Land Force Area

LFAA – Land Force Atlantic Area

LFCA – Land Force Central Area

LFC - Land Force Command (Army)

LFC2IS - Land Force Command and Control Information System

LFCA - Land Force Central Area

LFCA TC – Land Forces Central Area Training Centre

LFDTS - Land Forces Doctrine and Training System

LFNA – Land Force Northern Area

LFQA – Land Force Quebec Area

LFRR - Land Force Reserve Restructure

LFS - Lancaster Finishing School

LFWA - Land Force Western Area

LFWATC – Land Force Western Area Training Centre

LG - Landing Ground

LGen - Lieutenant General

LHQ - Local Headquarters (Army Cadet term)

Linc Weld - Lincoln and Welland Regiment

LLF - Light Liaison Flight
LLTU - Leigh Light Training Unit
Light Mortar Battery

LMG - Light Machine Gun
LNSF - Light Night Striking Force, of Mosquitoes of 8 Group

LO - Liaison Officer

LOAC - Law of Armed Conflict

L of C - Lines of Communications

LOD - Line of Departure

Log - Logistic

LOS - Line Of Sight

LP - Listening Post

LRATGW - Long Range Anti Tank Guided Weapon

LRDG - Long Rang Desert Group
LRFU - Long Rang Ferry Unit
Long Range Development Flight
Long Range Development Unit
LRS - Legislative and Regulatory Services

LRSW - Long Range Sniper Weapon

LRWE - Long Range Weapons Research Establishment

LRWRE - Long Range Weapons Research Establishment

LS - Leading Seaman

LSDI - Large Scale Deliberate Intervention

LST - Landing Ship, Tank

LSVW - Light Support Vehicle Wheeled

LSW - Light Support Weapon

Lt – Lieutenant

Lt (N) - Lieutenant (Navy)

LTAs - Leave Travel Assistance

LTI – Link Trainer Instructor

LTP - Long Term Planning

LTW - Lyneham Transport Wing

LUP - Lying Up Point

LVS - Logistics Vehicle System

LW - Light Warning (radar)

LWCC - Lightweight Combat Clothing

LZ - Landing Zone


MA - Managing Authority

MAA - Mutual Aid Agreement

MAAF - Mediterranean Allied Forces; or Malayan Auxiliary Air Force
MAC - Mediterranean Air Command
Mediterranean Allied Coastal Air Force
MACP - Medic Air Command Post

MAD - Marine Acceptance Depot
MAED - Marine Aircraft Experimental Depot
MAEE - Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment

MAEU - Marine Aircraft Experimental Unit
Midlands Area Flying Instructors School
Maj - Major

MAJAID - Major Air Disaster

MAP - Ministry of Aircraft Production
MARCOM - Maritime Command

MAREL - Moveable Air Reconnaissance Exploitation Unit
MA&S Desktop - Materiel Acquisition and Support Desktop

MASFS - Midlands area School of Special Flying
- Managing Authority System Manager

MASR&CF - Malta Air Sea Rescue & Communications Flight
Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Forces
MATZ - Military Air Traffic Zone
MBdr - Master Bombardier (MCpl in the Artillery)

MBT – Main Battle Tank

MC - Military Cross
MCA - Ministry of Civil Aviation
MCC - Military Career Counselor

MCC&FF - Maintenance Command Communication and Ferry Flight
MCJTF - Maintenance Command Jet Training Flight
MCOIN - Maritime Command Operational Information System

MCpl - Master Corporal

MCS - Metropolitan Communication Squadron
MCTAP - Military Civilian Training Accreditation Program

MC&TTS - Malta Communication & Target Towing Flight
MCU - Mosquito Conversion Unit; or Meteorological Conversion Unit
MCU -  Marine Craft Unit
M&D - Medicine and Duties; or
Medals and Decorations
MD – Military District

MDA - Main Defensive Area

MCDV - Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel

Me - Messerschmitt
ME - Middle East
MEAC - Middle East Air Command
MEAF - Middle East Air Force
MEAFITF - Middle East Air Force Instrument Training Flight
MEAFTTU - Middle East Air Force Target Towing Unit
MEAS - Middle East Armament School
MECGS - Middle East Central Gunnery School
Mech - Mechanized

Med - Medical

MedMe - Mediterranean and Middle East
- Middle East Forces
Middle East Ferry Control
MEL - Medical Employment Limitations

MENVTS - Middle East Night Vision Training School
MEP&AP - Middle East Pilot & Aircrew Pool
Met Res - Meteorological Research
METS - Middle East Training School
MEW - Microwave Early Warning (radar)
MFC - Mortar Fire Controller

MFH - Military Field Hospital
Malta Night Fighter Unit

MFP - Military Foot Police
MFPU - Mobile Field Photographic Unit
MFRC - Military Family Resource Centre

MG - Machine Gun; or Motor Generator
MGen - Major General

MGS - Mobile Gun System

MGSP - Mobile Glider Servicing Party
M&I - Messes and Institutes

MI - Military Intelligence
MIA - Missing in Action

MICV - Mechanized Infantry/Cavalry Vehicle

MID - Mentioned in Dispatches

Militia - The Reserve Force (RF)

Min Tech - Ministry of Technology

MIO - Maritime Interdiction Operations
MIR - Medical Inspection Room

Mk - Mark
MKV - Mark V fire tender
MLOC - Minimum Level of Capability

MLU – Maple Leaf Up

MLVW - Medium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled

MM - Military Medal

MMESTF/S – Mediterranean & Middle East Special Transport Flight/Squadron
MMEV – Multi-Mission Effects Vehicle

MML – Manual of Military Law

MND - Minister of National Defence

MMP - Military Mounted Police

MO - Medical Officer (doctor)
MOA - Ministry of Aviation
Mob – Mobilisation

MOC - Military Occupation Code

MOD - Ministry of Defence (UK)
MOD(PE) - Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive)

MOPA - Military Objective Previously Attacked
MOPP - Mission Oriented Protective Posture

MORU - Mobile Operations Room Unit
Marine Observation School; or Military Occupational Structure
MoS - Ministry of Supply
MOTU - Marine Operational Training Unit
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding

MOUT - Military Operations in Urban Terrain

Mov O – Movement Order

MP - Military Police

MPCC - Military Police Complaints Commission

MPI - Mean Point of Impact

MPIR - Military Police Investigation Report

MPRR - Member’s Personnel Record Rιsumι

MRD – Manitoba Regimental Depot

MRE - Meal Ready to Eat (rations)

MRES - Missing Research and Enquiry Service

MREU - Missing Research and Enquiry Unit
MRF - Meteorological Research Flight
MRS - Maritime Reconnaissance School
MR squadron - Medium Reconnaissance squadron
MRT - Mountain Rescue Team
MRU - Medical Rehabilitation Unit; or Mobile Radio Unit
M&S - Modelling & Simulation

MS - Master Seaman (Navy)

MSE - Mobile Support Equipment

MSFU - Merchant Ship Fighter Unit
Msl - Missile

MSM - Mainstream Media

MSR - Morse Slip Reader
Mobile Signals Unit; or Maintenance Sub Unit
- Mechanical Transport; or Motor Transport
MTAP - Military Training Assistance Program

MTBD - Mechanical Transport Base Unit
MTD - Mechanical Transport Driver
MTLRU - Mechanical Transport Light Repair Unit
MTP - Main Teaching Point(s)

MTO - Mechanical Transport Officer
MTMA - Military Terminal Maneuvering Area
MTRU - Motor Transport Repair Unit
MTSS - Mechanical Transport Servicing Section
MTU - Mosquito Training Unit
MU - Maintenance Unit
MUG - Mid Upper Gunner

MvOr – Movement Order

MWO - Master Warrant Officer


N/A - not applicable

NA - North Africa
NAAFI - Navy, Army, Air Force Institute

NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement

NAI - Named Area of Interest

NARD - Northern Aircraft Repair Depot
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Nav - Navigator
Navaid - Navigational aid
Navex - Navigation Exercise
NAWW - Night All-weather Wing
NBC - Nuclear Biological and Chemical

NBCD - Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence

NBCW - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

NCCIS - National Command and Control Information System

NCdt - Naval Cadet

NCIP - National Counter-Intelligence Program

NCM – Non-Commissioned Members

NCMGS - Non-Commissioned Member General Specification

NCMPDS - Non-Commissioned Member Professional Development System

NCO – Non-Commissioned Officer

NCS - Northern Communication Squadron
NCU - Night Conversion Unit
NDA - National Defence Act

NDCC - National Defence Command Centre

NDHQ  - National Defence Headquarters

NDHQ Sec - National Defence Headquarters Secretariat

NDMC - National Defence Medical Center (hospital)

NDOC  - National Defence Operations Centre

NDSP - National Defence Security Policy

N/E -Non Effective Used
NEA - Non effective Airframe
NEAR - Near East Air Force
NEAFIS - North Eastern Air Flying Instructors School
NEI - Netherlands East Indies
NEO - New Entry Officer; or Non-combatant Evacuation Operations

NERT - Nuclear Emergency Reaction Team

NES - Non-Effective Strength

NFA - Non Forecasted Airlift

NFD - No further Data
NFDS/W/U - Night Fighter development Squadron/Wing/Unit
NFF - Night Fighter Flight
NFLS - Night Fighter Leaders School
NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

NFT - No further trace
NFT - Night Flying Test
NFTS - Night Fighter Training Squadron
NGO – Non-Governmental Organization

NIAB - Network in a Box

NIB - New In Box

NI CF - Night Conversion Flight
NIS - National Investigation Service

NJTP - National Joint Training Plan

NMSU - Nimrod Major Servicing Unit
NO - Nursing Officer

NOIC - Naval Officer In Command

NOK - Next of Kin

NORAD - North American Air Defence (Command)
NOTAM - Notice To Airmen
NPF - Non Public Funds

NPP - Non-Public Property

NRC - Nuclear Reporting Cell

NSCE - National Star Certification Exam

NSDU - Navigation synthetic Development Unit
NSE - National Security Exception

NSN - NATO Stock Number

NSPTF - Navigators Staff Pilot Training Flight
Nova Scotia Regimental Depot

NSSC - National Security Studies Course

NT - No Trace
NTB - Norwegian Training Base
NYK – Not Yet Known

NTR – Nothing To Report

NTS - (Night) Training Squadron
NTU - Navigation Training Unit, Pathfinder Force; or No Take Up
NVG - Night Vision Goggles

NVITS - Night Vision Instructors Training School
NVTS - Night Vision Training School
NwAAF - North West African Air Forces
NwAASC - North West African Air Service Command
NwACAF - North West African Coastal Air Force
NwASAF - North West African Strategic Air Forces
NwATAF - North West African Tactical air Force
NwATBF - North West African Training Bomber Force
NwATC - North West African Training Command

NYD - not yet determined
NZF - New Zealand Flight


OADF/U - Overseas Aircraft Delivery Flight/Unit
(O)AFU - Observers Advanced Flying Unit
OANS - Observers Air Navigation School
OAPU - Overseas Aircraft Preparation Unit
OAR - Obusna Aeroplansva Radionica, (District Aviation Workshop)
OATS - Officers Advanced Training School
(O)ATU - Observers Advanced Training Unit

OBE - Order of the British Empire

Oblt - Oberleutnant
Obs - Observation (USAAF)
OBS - Observer School
OBUA - Operations in Built Up Areas

OC - Officer Commanding (or CO); or Officer Cadet
OCdt - Officer Cadet

OCIPEP - Office of Critical Infrastructure and Emergency Preparedness

OCTU - Officer Cadet Training Unit
OCU - Operational Conversion Unit
OEU - Operational Evaluation Unit
OFU - Overseas Ferry Unit

O Group - Order Group

OGS - Officer General Specifications

OIC - Officer in Charge; or Officer's Initial Course
OJE - On Job Experience

OMFC - Overseas Military Forces of Canada

OO - Orderly Officer
OOTW - Operations Other Than War

OP - Observation Post; or Operation

Op – Operation; or Operator
OPDP - Officer Professional Development Program

OPDP - Officer Professional Development Program

OPI - Office of Primary Interest

Opl - Operational
OPME - Officer Professional Military Education

Op O - Operation Order

OPSEC - Operational Security

Ops O - Operations Officer

OPP - Operational Planning Process

OPV - Offshore Patrol Vessel; or Observation Post Vehicle

OR - Orderly Room; or Other Ranks (Often mistakenly taken to mean Ordinary Ranks);

Or Bat – Order of Battle

ORB - Operations Record Book
ORS - Operational Research Section
ORTU - Operational & Refresher Training Unit
ORV - Objective Rendezvous

OS - Observers School; or Ordinary Seaman (Navy)
OS(B) - Ordinary Seaman (Basic)

OS(R) - Ordinary Seaman (Recruit)

(O)SoAG - Observers School of Reconnaissance& Aerial Gunnery
OSC - Officers Senior Course (for RAFVR (T) officers, conducted at ACTC)
OSC - Overseas Staff College
Observers School of Reconnaissance& Aerial Gunnery

OTS – Operational Training Squadron; or Operational Training School
OStJ – Officer of the Order of
St John

OTSCU - Officer Training School Conversion Unit
OTU - Operational Training Unit
OTW - Operational Training Wing
Oxford University Air Squadron


P & A - Pay and Allowances

PA - Public Affairs

PACT - Pre Aircrew Training
PAERS - Prospect Applicant Electronic Record System

PAF - Polish Air Force
PAFF O - Public Affairs Officer

(P)AFU - Pilots Advanced Flying Unit
PAM - Publications And Manuals

PAR - Precision Approach Radar
P&S -
Plaque and Scroll (Memorial)

PAS/U - Pilotless Aircraft Section Unit
PAT - Personnel Awaiting Training

PATP - Packed Aircraft Transit Pool

PATS - Pre-Aircrew Training School

Pax – Passengers

PCCS - Protectorate Communication & Support Unit
PCF - Primary Combat Function

P&D's - Pipes and Drums

PD - Packing Depot; or Professional Development

PDC - Personnel Dispatch Centre; or Professional Development Council; or Port Defence Committee
PDRC - Personnel Dispatch and Reception Centre
PDS - Post Design Services; or  Professional Development System

PDU - Personnel Dispersal Unit; or Photographic Development Unit
PEE - Proof & Experimental Establishment
PEFTS - Polish Elementary
Flying Training School
PER - Personnel Evaluation Report

PERMIS - Personnel Electronic Records Management Information System

PERSEC - Personnel Security

PES - Parachute Exercise Squadron
PF - Practice Flight
PFF - Pathfinder Force
PFFNTU - Pathfinder Force Navigational Training Unit
PFS - Parachute Flying Section; or Primary Flying School
PFTS - Polish Flying Training School
PFU - Practice Flying Unit
PGTF - Polish Grading & Testing Flight
PGTS - Parachute& Glider Training School
PHU - Personnel Holding Unit
P Info - Public Information

PI - Practice Interception

PIB - Personal Information Bank
PIU - Photographic Intelligence Unit
Pl - Platoon

PLAR - Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

PLD - Post Living Differential

PLF - Princess Louise Fusiliers

PLQ - Primary Leadership Qualification

PLS - Pallet Loading System

P/M - Pipe Major

PMC -Personnel Management Centre; or President of the Messing Committee.

PMed - Preventive Medicine

PMQ - Private Married Quarters
P/O - Pilot Officer
PO - Petty Officer (Naval Rank equal to Warrant Officer)

PO - Performance Objective

PO1 - Petty Officer 1st Class

PO2 - Petty Officer 2nd Class

POETS Day - Push Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday

POG - Person Other than Grunt, describing anyone not Infantry

POL - Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants

POM - Potential Officer Material

POMV – Personally/Privately Owned Motor Vehicle

PONTI - Slang - Personnel Of No Tactical Importance

POR Personnel Occurrence Records
POTU - Polish Operational Training Unit

POW - Prisoner of War; or Privately Owned Weapon

PP – Pilot Pupil

PPCLI - Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

PPF - Parachute Practice Flight; or Patrol Pathfinder
PPI - Plan Position Indicator (Rotating radar display)
PPP - Pupils Pilots Pool
P Res - Primary Reserve

PR - Photographic Reconnaissance
PRB - Performance Review Board

PRC - Personnel Reception Centre
PRDU/E - Photographic Reconnaissance Development Unit/ Establishment
Pres - The Primary Reserve

PRETC - Post Recruit Education Training Centre

PRFU/S - Pilots Refresher Flying Unit/School
PRI – Physical Recreation Instructor

PRTU - Pilot Refresher Training Unit
PRRP - Pilots Reserve & Reinforcement Poll (
Middle East)
PSA - Personnel Support Agency

PSEA - Public Service Employment Act

PSHRMAC - Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada

PSI - President of the Services Institute
PSLRA - Public Service Labour Relations Act

PRU - Photographic Reconnaissance Unit/Pilot Replacement Unit; or Personnel Reception Unit
PS - Parachute School
PSO - Personnel Selection Officer

PSP - Perforated Steel Planking (for runways); or Personnel Support Program
PSTC - Peace Support Training Centre

PT - Physical Training

PTC - Parachute Training Centre; or Personnel Transit Camp; or Personnel Transit Centre
Pte - Private

Pte(B) - Private (Basic)

Pte(R) - Private (Recruit)

Pte(T) - Private (Trained)

PTF - Parachute Test Flight
PTI - Physical Training Instructor
PTS - Parachute Training School/Squadron/ Section
PTU - Parachute Test Unit/ Parachute Training Unit
PTURP - Pilots Training Unit & Reinforcement Pool (see also TURP)
PV   - Positive Vetting
PWF - Psychological Warfare Unit
PWR - Personnel Warning Roster

PWS - Protected Weapons Station (in Australia's Army)


QAIMNS - Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service

QCS - Queen's Colour Squadron (RAF Regiment)

QF - Queens Flight
QFI - Qualified Flying Instructor

QHNS - Queen's Honorary Nursing Sister Nurse

QHN - Queen's Honorary Nurse

QL - Qualification Level

QM - Quartermaster

QMG - Quartermaster General

QMS - Quartermaster Sergeant

QMSI - Quartermaster Sergeant Instructor

QOL - Quality of Life

QOLPMO - Quality of Life Project Management Office

QOLSRB - Quality of Life Senior Review Board

QOR - Queen's Own Rifles of Canada

QRs - Queen's Regulations

QRD - Quebec Regimental Depot

QR&O - Queen's Regulations and Orders

QS - Qualification Standard

QVJI - Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute

QYRANG - Queen's York Rangers


R22eR - Royal 22e Regiment

(R) Reserve
R - Receiver
RA - Retirement Age

RAAF - Royal Australian Air Force; or Royal Auxiliary Air Force (UK)
RACON - Radar beacon
R&D - Research & Development
RAdm - Rear-Admiral

RAE - Royal Aircraft Establishment; or Royal Aerospace Establishment
RAF - Royal Air Force (UK)
RAF(B)ITS - Royal air Force (Belgium) Initial Training School
RAFA - Royal Air Force Association
RAFALO - Royal Air Force Association Liaison Officer
RAFARS - Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society
RAFASU - RAF Armament Support Unit (formerly BCAS)
RAFBF - RAF Benevolent Fund
RAFC - Royal Air Force College
RAFD – Royal Air Force Depot
RAFFC - Royal Air Force Flying College

RAFG - Royal Air Force Germany
RAFM - Royal Air Force Mission
RAFM - Royal Air Force Mesopotamia
RAFMB - Royal Air Force Maintenance Base
RAFMS - Royal Air Force Music Services
RAFNI - Royal Air Force Northern Ireland
RAFO - Reserve of Air Force Officers
RAFRS - Royal Air Force Regiment School
RAFSAA - RAF Small Arms Assn.
RAFSC - Royal Air Force Staff College
RAFSCOCF - Royal Air Force Staff College Overseas Communication Flight
RAFTC - Royal Air Force Technical College
RAFVR - Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
RAN – Royal Australian Navy

RAP - Reserve Aircraft Pool; or Regimental Aid Post; or Rocket Assisted Projectile; or Recognized Air Picture
RAPDS - Recognized Air Picture Display System
RAPO - Records And Pay Office
Reserve Aeroplane School; or Rear Area Security; or Replenishment At Sea

RAT Flight - Radio Aids Training Flight
RATG - Rhodesian Air Training Group
Rats - Rations

RATW - Rhodesian Air Training Wing
RAuxAF - Royal Auxiliary Air Force

RBG - Reserve Brigade Group

RC - Recruiting Centre
RCA – Royal Canadian Artillery

RCAF – Royal Canadian Air Force

RCAF(WD) – Royal Canadian Air Force (Womens Division)

RCAC - Royal Canadian Armoured Corps; or Royal Canadian Army Cadets

RCACA - Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association

RCAMC - Royal Canadian Army Medical Corp

RCASC – Royal Canadian Army Service Corps

RCASU - Radar Controlled Air Survey Unit
Rescue Co-ordination Center

RCCS - Royal Canadian Corps of Signals

RCD - Royal Canadian Dragoons

RCDC - Royal Canadian Dental Corps

RCE - Royal Canadian Engineers

RCEME - Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

RCFS - Rhodesian Central Flying School
RCGIS - Reserve Command Gliding Instructors School
RCHA – Royal Canadian Horse Artillery

RCIFF - Reserve Command Intensive Flying Flight
RCITF - Reserve Command Instrument Training Flight
RCM Squadron Flight - Radio Counter Measures Squadron Flight

RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police

RCN – Royal Canadian Navy

RCOC - Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps

RCR – Royal Canadian Regiment

RCTF - Reserve Command Training Flight
RCZ – Rear Combat Zone

RDA – Records Disposition Authority

RDAF - Royal Danish Air Force

RDAO - Regional Departmental Accounting Office

RDF - Radio Direction Finder
RDFCF - Radio Direction Finding Calibration Flight
RDFS - Radio Direction Finding School
RDU - Radar Development Unit
RDUK - Repairable at Depot in UK
REAF - Royal Egyptian Air Force
RECCE – Reconnaissance

REU  -  Radio Engineering Unit
Revd - Reverend

Reg - contraction for "Regular" and "Regular Force"; or Regulation; or Retirement

RETP - Reserve Entry Training Program

RFC - Royal Flying Corps

RFF - Refresher Flying Flight
RFID - Radio Frequency Identification

RFS - Reserve Flying School
Rft - Reinforcement

RFTS - Refresher Flying Training School
RFU - Refresher Flying Unit
R/G - Rear Gunner
RHAF - Royal Hellenic Air Force
RHLI - Royal
Hamilton Light Infantry

RHQ - Regimental Headquarters

RIAF - Royal Indian Air Force
RIIP - Reserve Integrated Information Project

RIMU - Radio Installation Maintenance Unit
RJDF - Rapid Joint Deployment Force

RLF - Rapid Landing Flight
RLG - Relief Landing Ground
RM - Royal Marine (
Royal Military Academy or Rear Maintenance Area; or Revolution in Military Affairs

RMAF - Royal Malaysian Air Force
Royal Military College

RMF - Radar (Radio) Meteorological Flight
RMP - Royal Military Police ; or Recognized Maritime Picture

RM RANG - Rocky Mountain Rangers

RMS - Royal Mail Ship
RMU - Radio Maintenance Unit
RN - Royal Navy (
UK); or Radiation and Nuclear
RNAF - Royal Norwegian Air Force
RNAS - Royal Naval Air Station/Service; or Royal Norwegian Air Service
RNAW - Radar Navigation Aids Wing
RNBR - The Royal
New Brunswick Regiment

RNCU - Radar Navigation Conversion Unit
RNEFTS - Royal Navy Elementary
Flying Training School
RNethAF - Royal
Netherlands Air Force
RNFS - (Royal Naval Fighter Squadron
RNZAF - Royal
New Zealand Air Force
ROC - Royal Observer Corps
ROE - Rules of Engagement

ROS - Repairable on Site
ROTA - Release Other Than Attack

ROTC – Reserve Officer Training Corps

ROTP - Regular Officer Training Plan; or Reserve Officer Training Program

ROWPU – Reverse-Osmosis Water Purification Unit

RP - Regimental Police
RPAF - Royal Pakistan Air Force
RPDS - Radar Photographic Display System
RPG – Rocket Propelled Grenade; or Rounds per gun

R&Q - Rations and Quarters

RQMS - Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant

RRC - Royal Red Cross

RRE - Radar Research Establishment
RRF(U) - Radio Reconnaissance Flight (Unit)
RRFU - Radar Research Flight
RRH - Remote Radar Head
RRR - Royal
Regina Rifles

RRU - Raid Reporting Unit
RS -
Radio School; or Reserve School; or Reserve Squadron
RSM - Regimental Sergeant Major

RSP – Red Spot Flares/Fires (?)

RS&RE - Royal Signals & Radar Establishment
R&SS - Repair & Salvage Section
R&SU - Repair & Salvage Unit
RSS - Radio Servicing Section
RSO - Range Safety Officer; or Range Standing Orders
RSS - Reg F Support Staff

RSU - Repair & Servicing Unit; or Repair & Salvage Unit
R/T - Radio Telephony
RTB - Return To Base

RTC – Returned To Corps

RTD - Return To Depot
RTM - Ready To Move

RTO - Rail Transport Officer
RTP - Recruit Training Pool
RTU - Return To Unit
RU - Reception Unit; or Repair Unit
RV – Rendezvous, point on patrol

RW - Receiving Wing; or Recorded Warning

RWE - Radio Warfare Establishment

RWS - Remote Weapons Station (in Australia's army)
RYAFTU - Royal Yugoslav Air Force Technical Unit


SAA - Small Arms Assn.; or Small Arms Ammunition
SAAF - South African air Force
SAC - Senior Aircraftman

SACEUR - Supreme Allied Commander Europe
SACUER -Supreme Allied Commander Europe

SADO - Senior Administrative Officer
SAFU - South Atlantic Ferry Unit
SAGM - Surface to Air Guided Missile
SAGW - Surface to Air Guided Weapon
SAM - Surface to Air Missile
SAN - School of Air? Navigation
SAOEU - Strike Aircraft Operational Evaluation Unit

SAP - School of Air Pilotage
SAPI - Semi Armour Piercing Incendiary

SAR - Search & Rescue
SAR tech - Search And Rescue Technician

SARD - Southern Aircraft Repair Depot
SARTU/S - Search and Rescue Training Unit/Squadron
SAS - Servicing Aircraft Section; or Situational Awareness System
SASO - Senior Air Staff Officer; or Stability & Support Ops
SATCO - Senior Air Traffic Controller

SatCom – Satellite Communications
Satt - Satellite

SAV - Staff Assistance Visit
SBA - Standard Beam Approach
S/C Sergeant Chef
SC - Salvage Centre; or Strike Command
SCAN - Second Career Assistance Network Program

SCBS - Strike Command Bombing School
SCCS - Strike Command Communication Squadron
SCDU - Strike Command Development Unit
SCF - Squadron Conversion Flight
SCONDVA - Standing Committee on National Defence and Veterans Affairs

SCR - School of Control & Reporting; or Signal Corps Radio

SCRR - Special Commission on the Restructuring of the Reserves
SCS - Southern Communication Squadron/Special Communication
- Special Duty/Special Duties; or Stores Depot
SD155. - Operational Memorandum
SDF - Special Duties Flight
SD(R)DU - Special Duties (Radio) Development Unit
SDR – Strategic Defence Review

SDU - Signals Development Unit
SEAAC - South East Asia Air Command
SEAC - South East Asia Command
SEACF - South Eastern Area Communication Flight
SEAFIS - South Eastern Area Flying Instructors School
SEASI - South Eastern Area School of Instruction
SECO - Synthetic Environment Coordination Office

SEF - Special Experimental Flight; or Siberian Expeditionary Force

SEMO - Self Evident Military Objective
SEP - Special Erection Party (
SEngO -  Senior Engineering Officer; or Station Engineering Officer
SEs - Synthetic Environments

SF - Station Flight; or Special Forces
SFC - School of Flying Control
SFCS - Squadron & Flight Commanders School
SFF - Service Ferry Flight; or Special Forces Flight
SFOR - Stabilization Force

(S)FPP - (Service) Ferry Pilots Pool
SFT - School of Flying Training
SFTS - Service Flying Training School
SFU - Signal Flying Unit
Sgt - Sergeant
SGR - School of General Reconnaissance
SGR&AN - School of General Reconnaissance & Air Navigation (India)
SHAEF - Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
SHAPE -Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

SHARP - Standard for Harassment and Racism Prevention

SHINCOM - Shipboard Integrated Communications

SHLVW - Super Heavy Logistic Vehicle Wheeled

SHofC - Seaforth Highlanders of Canada

SHQ - Station Head Quarters
SHRMC - Strategic Human Resource Management Council

SIB -Special Investigation Branch

SIF - Special Instruction Flight
SIF/U - Special Installation Flight/Unit
Sig – Signalman

SIGINT - Signals Intelligence

Sigs - Signals
SIR - Significant Incident Report

SIS - Secret Intelligence Service

SISIP - Service Income Security Insurance Plan

Sit –Situation

SitRep -Situation Report

SITF - Station Instrument Training Flight
SIU - Signals Intelligence Unit ; or Special Investigation Unit

SIV - Staff Inspection Visits

S/L or S/Ldr - Squadron Leader
SL - Sick leave
SLAIS - Specialized Low Attack Instructors School
SLAW - School of Land/Air Warfare
SLC - Search-Light Control
SLG - Satellite Landing Ground
SLR - Self Loading Rifle

SLt - Sub-Lieutenant

SLT - Second Language Training

SME - Subject Matter Expert

SMG - Sub Machine Gun

SMP - Standard Military Pattern

SMR - School of Maritime Reconnaissance
SN-2 - German Night Fighter Radar
SNC - School of Naval Cooperation
SNCO - Senior None Commissioned Officer
S of AN - School of Air Navigation
SofRT - School of Recruit Training
S of TT - or STT -School of Technical Training
SoAC - School of Army Co-operation
SoAF - School of Air Fighting
SoAF&G - School of Air Fighting and Gunnery
SOAF&BD - School of Air Fighting & Bomb Dropping
SoAFTT(1) - School of Air Force Technical Training (India)
SoAG - School of Air Gunnery
SoAN&BD - School of Aerial Navigation & Bomb Dropping
SoASR - School of Air Sea Rescue
SoAS - School of Air Navigation
SoAT - School of Air Transport
SoATC - School of Air Traffic Control
SOC - Struck off Charge; or Sector Operations Control
SOE - Special Operations executive
SOF - Special Operations Flight
SoFP - School of Fighter Plotting
SofP - School of Photography
SOG - Special Operations Group

Soi - School of Instruction

SOIC – Senior Officer In Command
SoN&BD - School of Navigation & Bomb Dropping
SoNC&AN - School of Naval Cooperation & Aerial Navigation
SoMA - School of Military Aeronautics
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

SoPT - School of Parachute Training
SORD - Strategic Operations and Resource Direction

SOS - Struck off strength (of a unit); or Save Our Souls

SoSF - School of Special Flying
SoWT -
School of Wireless Telephony

Sp - Support
SP - Staging Post; or Service Police; or Self Propelled; or Start Point 
Spr – Sapper (
lowest enlisted rank in Canadian Engineers)

SPSS - Spare Parts Supply Section

SPTU - Staff Pilots Training Unit
SQ - Soldier Qualification Course

Sq/Sqn/Sqd - Squadron
SQFT - Secteur du Quιbec de la Force terrestre

SR - Strategic Reconnaissance
SRAF - Southern Rhodesian Air Force
SRCU - Short Range Conversion Unit
SRF - School of Refresher Flying; or Sea Rescue Flight; or Search& Rescue Flight
SROs - Station Routine Orders
SRTS - Short Range Transport Squadron
SRTU - Survival& Rescue Training Unit
SRU - Strategic Reconnaissance Unit
SRW - Strategic Reconnaissance Wing
S/S - Staff Sergeant
SS - Signals School; or Salvage Section; or
SSC - Senior Supervisor's Course
SSK - Long Range Diesel Patrol Submarine

SSF - Special Service Flight; or Special Survey Flight
SSM - Squadron Sergeant Major; or Surface to Surface Missile

SSN - Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine

SSOs - Station Standing Orders

SSQ - Station Sick Quarters
SSTT - Supplementary School of Technical Training
SSU - Sentry Standards Unit
SSVAF - Straight Settlement Volunteer Air Force

SSVC - Services Sound and Vision Corporation

STANAG - NATO Standardization Agreements

STDU - Synthetic Training Development Unit; or Special Torpedo Development Unit
STF - Seaplane Training Flight; or Special Training Flight
STOL - Short Take Off and Landing

Stn - Station
STS - Seaplane Training Squadron; or Special Transport Flight
STT - School of Technical Training
S&TT - Station & Target Towing
SU - Support Unit; or Servicing Unit
Supp Res - Supplementary Reserve

Supy - Supernumery
SVC BN - Service Battalion

SW – Shrapnel (Shell) Wound

SWAFIS - South Western Areas Flying Instructors School
SWTS - Supplementary Wireless Telegraphy School
SWO - Station Warrant Officer
South Wales University Air Squadron

T - Transmitter
TA - Territorial Army

TAB - Tactical Advance to Battle

TAC – Tactical; or Translation accuracy check

TACEVAL - Tactical Evaluation
TADU - Target Aircraft Development Unit; or Training Aids Development Unit
TAF - Tactical Air Force
TAFSU - Tactical Air Force Support Unit
TAG - Telegraphist Air Gunner (Fleet Air Arm)
TAI - Target Area of Interest

TAMU - Transport Aircraft Maintenance/Modification Unit
TARU - Transport Aircraft Repair Unit
TB - Torpedo Bomber; or Treasury Board

TBF - Torpedo Bomber Fighter
Torpedo & Bombing School; or Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

TC - Training Command (Later Transport Command); or Training Centre
TCAEU - Transport Command Aircrew Examining Unit

TCASF - Transport Command Air Support Flight
TCBU - Transport Command Base Unit
TCCCS - Tactical Command, Control and Communications System

TCDU/F - Transport Command Development Unit
TCEU - Transport Command Examining Unit
TCFCS - Transport Command Flight Commanders School
TCICU - Transport Command Initial Conversion Unit
TCMF - Transport Command Meteorological Flight
TCNVTS - Transport Command Night Vision Training School
TCP – Traffic Control Point

TCPS - Transport Command Practice Flight
TCU - Transport Conversion Unit
TCV – Troop Carrying Vehicle

TD - Temporary Duty

TDS - Training Depot Station
TDU/F/S - Torpedo Development Unit/Flight/Section
TDU - Tactical Development Unit
TEE - Test & Evaluation Establishment
TEU - Tactical Exercise Unit
TEWL - Tactical Exercise Without Leaders (derogatory term)

TEWT - Training Exercise Without Troops

TF - Training Flight; or Task Force
TFF - Target Facilities Flight
TFPP - Temporary Ferry Pilots School; or Training Ferry Pilots Pool
TFP - Training Ferry Pool
TFS/F - Target Facilities Squadron
T/F/Sgt. Temporary Flight Sergeant
TFU - Telecommunications Flying Unit
Tgt – Target
TI - Target Indicator; or Time In; or Trial Installation
TIC - Troops In Contact

TIMs - Toxic Industrial Materials

TIMEX  - Time-Expired
Tk – Tank

TL - Trade Level (obsolete term for course training levels, ex. TL 2, TL 3 ...)

TLA - Three Letter Acronym

TM – Trench Mortar

TMB - Trench Mortar Battery

TMSBP - Theater Mission Specific Battle Procedure

TMST - Theater Mission Specific Training

Tn - Transport

T/O - Take Off
TO & E - Table of Organization and Equipment

TOET - Test of Elementary Training

TOS - Taken on strength (of a unit); or Terms of Service

TOT – Time On Target

TOW - Tube-launched Optically-tracked Wire-guided missile

Tourex - Tour-Expired
Tp – Troop; or Training Plan

TPO - Teleprinter Operator
TPR - Trooper

TPS - Test Pilots School

TPT – Transport ; or Target practice tracer; or Third Party Targeting

TQ - Trade Qualification (levels; obsolete term for course training levels, ex. TQ 2, TQ 3)

TQF - The Queens Flight

T/R - Transmitter/Receiver
TRE - Telecommunications Research Establishment
Trg - Training
Trg O -Training Officer

TRS - Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron; or Torpedo Refresher School
Tru - Transportable Radar Unit
TRUMP - Tribal Class Update and Modernization Project

TS - Training School; or Training Squadron
TSC - Training Support Company

TSCU - Transport Support Conversion Unit
T/Sgnt. - Temporary Sergeant
TSPC - Transport Support Practice Camp
TSR - Torpedo Spotter Reconnaissance ; or Training and Support Request
TSTU - Transport Support Training Unit
TT - Target Towing
T.T.- Trade Training
TTC - Technical Training Command
TTF - Target Towing Flight; or Towed Target Flight; or Tanker Training Flight; or Torpedo Training Flight; or Transport Training Flight
TSTS - Trade Selection Test Section
TT&G - Target Towing & Gunnery
TTP's - Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

TTS - Torpedo Training School/Squadron
TTU - Torpedo Training Unit; or Target Towing Unit
TU - Training Unit
TUA - TOW Under Armour

TURP - Training Unit & Reserve School
TV - Tactical Vest

TWDU - Tactical Weapons Development Unit
T/W/O - Temporary Warrant Officer
Two i/c – Second In Command

TWU - Tactical Weapons Unit


UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UAS - University Air Squadron

U/C Undercarriage
UED - Universal Equipment Depot

UHF - Ultra High Frequency (radio)
u/i - Unidentified
UKADGE - UK Air Defence Ground Environment
UKADR - UK Air Defence Region

UKMF – United Kingdom Mobile Force

UMS - Unit Medical Section

Unclass – Unclassified

UOR - Urgent Operational Requirement

us - unserviceable

UNPROFOR - United Nations Protection Force

UPR - Unit Personnel Record (CF 478)

URS - Records Support Unit

U/S – Unserviceable

USAAC - United States Army Air Corps
United States Army Air Corps/Flight

USAAF - United States Army Air Forces
u/t - under training
UT - University Teaching Group

UTPNCM - University Transfer Program (Non-Commissioned Member)

UXB - Unexploded Bomb

UXO - Unexploded Ordnance


VAC - Veterans Affairs Canada

VAD - Voluntary Aid Detachment

VAdm - Vice Admiral

VC – Victoria Cross

VCAS - Vice Chief of the Air Staff

VCDS – Vice Chief of the Defence Staff

VCP – Vehicle Check Point

VCR - Valve, Cathode-Ray (cathode-ray tube)

Veh – Vehicle

VFS- Verification of Former Service

VGS - Volunteer Gliding School
VHF - Very High Frequency (radio)
VISTRE - Visual Inter-Service Training & Research Establishment
VHF Omnidirectional Range (Radio Navigation Aid)

VR - Voluntary Release


WAAC - Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (UK)

WAAF - Women's Auxiliary Air Force
WACS - West Africa Communication Squadron
WARD - WEstern Aircraft Repair Depot
W/Cdr - Wing Commander
WCAD - War Casualty Accounts Department
WCS - Western Communication Squadron
WD – Womens Division (Airforce)

WDCF/U - Western Desert Communication Flight/Unit
WDU - Wireless Development Unit

WE - War Establishment

WEE - Wireless Experimental Establishment
Wef - With Effect From
WEM - Wireless Electrical Mechanic
Wg - Wing
WIDU - Wireless Intelligence Development Unit

Wksp - Workshop

WL - Wing Leader

WO - Warrant Officer; or War Office (UK)

WO1 - Warrant Officer First Class
WO2 - Warrant Officer Second Class
W/Op - Wireless Operator
WOp/AG - Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Western Ontario Regimental Depot

WOS - Wireless & Observers School/Wireless Operators School
WOT1 War Office Type 1 Fire Tender
WOU - Wireless Operators Unit

WRAF - Women's Royal Air Force
WRAFVR (T) - Women's Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training branch) (disbanded with WRAF)
WS -
Wireless School

W/T - Wireless Telegraphy (morse code communicatons)
WTO-AGP - World Trade Organization – Agreement on Government Procurement

WTP - Wireless Testing Park
Wireless Telegraphy School; or Weapons Training Squadron

WTt - Wireless Telegraphy


XO - Executive Officer (Navy); 2nd in command, reports to the CO


Zulu - Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Standardized Military Time



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